Keeping It Real: Why B2B Needs Face-to-Face Events


After what feels like an eternity of staring at screens, the world of B2B is waking up to the sheer joy of face-to-face interactions. Remember those? Where people actually put on clothes, leave their homes, and talk to other human beings in real life? It’s making a comeback, and it’s about time.

The Magic of In-Person Events

You know what’s brilliant about live business events? The buzz, the chatter, the excitement. The thrill of seeing what your industry and competitors are up to, the product launches, the new opportunities, and the spontaneous conversations that could lead to your next big deal – it’s all happening. And let’s not forget, as humans, we simply love to put on a show; it’s in our nature. We thrive on the drama and the spectacle of it all.

The Human Touch

Let’s be honest, we’re all a bit knackered from the endless Teams calls and webinars. Online marketing is all well and good, but it’s missing that personal touch. There’s nothing quite like a firm handshake, a cheeky smile, and a bit of banter to seal the deal. Real conversations in real-time bring a depth of engagement that digital just can’t match. It’s not just business; it’s personal. And those random chats in the hallway? They often lead to the best opportunities.

Blending Online and Offline

Now, don’t get me wrong, online marketing is a beast and no one’s here to replace it. It’s efficient, far-reaching, and necessary. But it can make your brand feel a bit like a ghost – there but not quite real. The trick is to blend the two. Use digital to spread the word, generate leads, and keep the momentum going. But bring in the magic of in-person events to turn those leads into loyal customers. It’s about creating a holistic experience where online buzz translates into offline brilliance.

Keeping the Balance

Finding the right mix is key. Your online tools should enhance your offline events and vice versa. Social media, email campaigns, and paid ads can generate a buzz before the event, ensuring you’ve got a full house. During the event, keep the online engagement going with live updates and real-time interactions. After the event, follow up with digital content to keep the conversation alive. It’s a seamless integration that makes your marketing efforts more cohesive and impactful.

So, let’s get back to the real deal – shaking hands, having a laugh, and making connections that matter. The world of B2B marketing is ready to balance the virtual with the real, and we’re excited to help businesses do that.

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