Growth Driven Design

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Whenever there is a requirement to redesign a website, it is most likely because the current website is not delivering the expected results. Either through lack of quality leads, lack of traffic or engagement, low conversion or simply not reflecting the new state of the business. Given that we cannot solve problems with the same kind of thinking that created them, a newer and smarter approach is needed for website revamps – That is Growth Driven Design.

What is Growth Driven Design? How does it work?

Website redesign is often a frustrating process for all concerned. That is because it is the result of a broken and outdated playbook. It usually goes something like this: your business needs a website, you hire someone to do it, you expect it to be done in less than two months but it ends up taking almost a year, exceeding the original budget, and exhausting your energy in revisions only to realize that the final result is not satisfactory and you need to go through another redesign in another year or so. You lost money and more importantly you lost valuable time. Sound familiar?

The traditional approach often fails because it builds on unrealistic timelines, prolonged critical paths, unclear vision, missing data and incomplete content. It also requires a huge time investment and large up-front costs. Growth Driven Design is a smarter methodology that solves such issues by following a results-oriented, optimized, and iterative approach that is ground-up rather than top-down.



Agile Development

Iterative development using the Scrum methodology and starting from a robust launchpad.



Build from the ground-up by modelling the website around its users and their use cases.



Work backwards from results at every iteration to understand how you can optimize them.


Constant Improvements

Create the oportunity to make constant improvements along the way instead of waiting for a few big releases.


Data-Driven Decisions

Eliminate the guesswork and make informed decisions every step of the way based on actionable data and insights.


Phased Investment

Spread out your investment over time, match it with results, and reduce your risks.

Our Unique Approach to GDD

In GDD there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business and every situation calls for its own GDD strategy. One common mistake in website redesign is when agencies rush into making a new website right away, dismissing the existing website as an opportunity to experiment and derive valuable insights. We encourage businesses to not let their old website go to waste and to go beyond just looking at historic analytics. That is why we embed a lab phase into our GDD process where we experiment with core pages and their content, optimize contact forms, append landing pages and even run paid ad campaigns for lead generation.

We also look at GDD as a process that allows us to prioritize the most critical and overlooked ingredient of a website, which is content. In GDD, our clients are engaged in the content development and optimization process along the way without exhausting their time or resources. The same applies to our strategy and audit phase, and the optimisation phase where we work on changing one thing at a time before we measure and analyse the results.

Our GDD process is generally split into four phases:

  • Strategy and Audit Phase – Involves quantitative and qualitative research, UX/UI and content audits, buyer persona, buying journey, and use case development, in addition to planning and goal setting.
  • Lab Phase – Involves a series of experiments with existing assets such as the existing website and content.
  • Development Phase – Involves rapid and iterative development of a launchpad with modular delivery within an average of 45 days.
  • Optimisation Phase – Involves making guided changes and improvements at set intervals and analysing results.

Our Expertise in Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design requires three capabilities combined: web design and development, content strategy and development and digital marketing. Web-only agencies will not be able to do GDD, nor can content-only or marketing-only agencies. At Cactix we have all three capabilities in-house and we combine them together to deliver our GDD services. You can count on the synergies between experienced web developers, seasoned marketing experts, and strategic content writers to build a future-proof website for your business.

Our Services

Some of the services we offer in Growth Driven Design include:

  • GDD Strategy
  • Research
  • UX/UI Audits
  • Content Strategy (Personas, Buyer Journey, Use Cases, Content
  • Inventory, Content Audits, Competitive Analysis)
  • Data Mining and Analysis
  • Tactical Campaigns
  • Implementation
  • Project Management

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