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Every business that is looking to grow and scale is bound to face constraints in time and resources at one point. Marketing is one domain where this challenge can be overcome. With the power of marketing automation you can automate and optimise your marketing processes. Prospecting, outreach, nurturing, and even your operational processes such as onboarding of new clients can all be automated to save your time and resources.

But first, let’s make one thing clear. We are talking about working smart instead of working hard. We are talking about using technology in a more clever way. We are not talking about mere email sequences. You know the ones that start with “I know you’re busy” and finish many annoying emails later with “I won’t bother you anymore”. That is an example of somewhat lazy and ineffective automation that you won’t find at Cactix.

Effective marketing automation is a combination of sound strategy and powerful tools. It should allow you to do more with less, and scale your marketing activities while maintaining relevance, personalisation, and quality of communication.

You may be surprised to learn that the tools are the easy part. The strategy is the critical part to get right. For example, one of the common mistakes in marketing automation is trying to build that one magical workflow that takes care of the entire lead-to-revenue journey. Marketing automation is more effective when it is focused on shorter sprint-like workflows with very specific and realistic objectives. These smaller workflows tie in together like a chain to form the bigger lead-to-revenue picture. Another common mistake is using automation only for the middle part of the marketing funnel, where in fact it can be applied to all stages of the funnel and all marketing activities. Here are some examples:



Prospecting and Outreach

Information gathering, market intelligence and outreach campaigns.


Data Management

Data harvesting, list building, segmentation and analytics.



Lead nurturing, personalization, client onboarding and retention.



Lead scoring systems, progressive profiling and cross-channel analytics.



Programmatic advertising, bid management, retargeting and A/B testing.



Link building and backlink analysis, rank tracking and reporting.

Use of AI in Marketing Automation

There’s a growing case for using artificial intelligence in marketing automation… for good reason! AI can help make relevant and timely content recommendations for nurturing workflows. AI can also help us answer questions like:

  • What are the chances of a certain lead converting?
  • When is the ideal time to email a customer?
  • Can we analyse conversations to identify buying intent?
  • Which version of this ad is likely to generate the highest clicks?

Our Expertise in Marketing Automation

We’ve got marketing automation covered in both strategy and tools. On the strategy side, our team has hands-on experience implementing effective and efficient automation workflows for various use cases across different industries. On the tools side, Cactix is a trained and certified partner for both HubSpot Marketing Hub and Adobe Marketo Engage solutions which are considered the top two marketing automation solutions worldwide. Cactix is also a partner for Gavagai, a leading language technology company providing AI-powered text analytics, and a system integrator for NVSSoft, a leading provider of business process automation solutions.

Our Services

Some of the services we offer in marketing automation include:

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Analytics
  • Workflow Design and Optimisation
  • Process Mapping and Automation


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