Brand Journalism

Create compelling stories and build trust.

To establish trust and engagement with their audiences, brands must adopt the role of publishers. By crafting engaging and authentic stories, brands can forge meaningful connections with customers and stakeholders. This is where brand journalism comes into play, serving as a unique blend of traditional journalism, marketing, and public relations. Through brand journalism, businesses can communicate their narrative directly to the public, highlighting their brand values and showcasing the action they are taking to address the topics and issues that resonate with their audience.

How does brand journalism work?

Brand journalism focuses on creating content that is driven by the broad cultural, societal and business landscape, brand values and corporate purpose. It is created using the techniques, skills and processes of traditional journalism, and is primarily uploaded on a brand’s own publishing and amplification channels.

Story Mining

Developing systems and processes to discover information-rich stories from all parts of the business that can be developed and published in different formats.

Content Hubs

Creating dedicated spaces or microsites to house all the content created in a structured way that allows the audience to navigate, dig deeper and enjoy the reading, listening or viewing experience.


Leveraging all the channels available including organic, social, paid and affiliate media to get the content seen by the intended audiences.


Setting up a regular process for commissioning and delivery of content, and the execution of targeted media campaigns.

Thought Leadership

Delivering insight and information from leaders and experts in your business to demonstrate knowledge, gain trust and influence positive change.

Employer Branding

Creating a positive image of your business as an employer and showcasing values, culture, and work environment.

Benefits of Brand Journalism

Good brand journalism can help you build authority and influence, deliver on specific brand messages, and in the long term, grow sales or improve relationships with key stakeholders. It can also help to create leads and demand generation material, as well as account-based marketing research and collateral.

Our Services

Some of the services we offer in brand journalism include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Content Planning and Story Mining
  • Content Development
  • Content Design and Production
  • Content Hub Development
  • Editorial Services
  • Content Distribution
  • Social Media Management
  • Newsroom Creation
  • Newsroom Management
  • Analytics and Reporting

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