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Align your sales and marketing for success

It’s common in business to see sales teams complaining about lack of support from their marketing departments, either through a lack of high-quality leads or high-quality sales collateral. On the other hand, marketing departments often complain about lack of feedback and reporting from their sales teams, preventing them from measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns and activities. Sales Enablement is an ongoing strategic process that helps integrate your sales and marketing teams and align them towards the shared goal of closing more business.


How does Sales Enablement work?

The premise behind Sales Enablement is that marketing should be at the service of sales teams, with the objective of helping to close more business. Sales Enablement is typically applicable in B2B environments where sales processes are often more lengthy, complex, and can involve a lot of effort. From generating leads to qualifying them, feeding in real-time insights and intent signals on prospects, automating follow-ups, and providing effective sales content and collateral – there is so much that marketing can do to help sales teams perform at their best.


Lead Qualification

Marketing generates, scores, and qualifies leads according to a framework that is mutually agreed on with sales teams.


Lead Intelligence

Marketing supports sales with valuable context, insights, activities, and intent signals related to prospects.


Closed Loop Reporting

Marketing gains full visibility on conversions and can attribute them back to specific marketing activities or channels.


Sales Content and Collateral

Marketing develops high quality sales content and collateral including emails, case studies, presentations, value propositions, brochures, etc.


Sales Tools

Marketing empowers sales team with technology and tools such as CRM, email marketing, live chat, and chat bots.


Sales Automation

Marketing helps sales teams to automate tasks such as outreach and follow-up using automation technology.

Critical Requirements

Sales Enablement relies heavily on technology to work to its fullest potential. At the foundation level, marketing and sales need to share the same repository of unified customer data to be able to exchange information efficiently and effectively. This is made possible through sharing the same Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Lead scoring and lead activity monitoring are possible through the usage of advanced marketing software. Likewise with tools like email marketing, live chat, chat bots, automation sequences and workflows. It is recommended to use an integrated platform that combines all the required features such as HubSpot, or to ensure that all the tools in use are properly integrated.

Another critical requirement for Sales Enablement is getting sales and marketing teams to agree on mutual standards and handover processes. It’s quite common for marketing teams to overestimate their outcomes and equally common for sales teams to have very high expectations from marketing teams. In addition, both sales and marketing teams have enough on their plates already and can struggle to build in the additional time required to make the process work. Sales Enablement requires adoption at a high level within the organisation and a high level of coordination to become successful.

Our Expertise in Sales Enablement

Being a specialized B2B marketing agency we fully understand the critical requirement of integrating sales and marketing, and the great potential it holds. We are experienced in crafting, implementing, and optimizing industry-specific and business-specific Sales Enablement processes that are proven to work. In addition, with clients that sell to strategic high-value accounts we are experienced in implementing Account Based Marketing (ABM) processes and solutions.

We are a Solutions Partner for HubSpot, which is a leading provider of Sales Enablement software and solutions. With our in-house marketing capabilities and our HubSpot experience, we are able to implement the most advanced Sales Enablement processes for our clients. With our in-house content capabilities we are able to support our clients with sales content and collateral development and design.

Our Services

Some of the services we offer under Sales Enablement include:

  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Sales Content and Collateral Design and Development
  • HubSpot CRM, Sales Hub, and Marketing Hub Services (Implementation, Design and Development, Onboarding, Training, and Support)

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