Public Relations and Communications

Communicate better and earn your media.

In the age of information overload, 3-second attention spans and a new breed of influencers, the rules of engagement have changed and traditional PR as we know it is dying. It’s no wonder that bricks-and-mortar PR agencies are losing ground to digital native marketing agencies that can leverage content marketing to create engaging stories and earn the media’s attention. This however does not take away the strategic role of PR in orchestrating coherent, ethical, and transparent brand communications. We bring both aspects together to form one of our core capabilities.

PR is Strategy

Our approach is to build public relations and communications strategies on solid foundations that will allow for consistent messaging, effective communications, enhanced awareness and reputation management. We build the strategic and foundational elements and we design and deliver PR campaigns in tandem with digital marketing and content development.


Research and Analysis

Mapping stakeholders and priority segments, analyzing competition, assessing awareness levels and buying and decision-making attitudes.


Messaging Strategy

Developing consistent key messages, adapting them to different channels and streamlining them into effective campaigns.


Communication Assets

Developing essential PR and communication assets including boilerplates, biographies, FAQs, factsheets and media kits.


Spokespeople Support

Developing the profiles and capabilities of spokespeople to project the image of the company and deliver thought-leading messaging.



Creating communication calendars, drafting and distributing press releases, authoring and publishing editorials and working with influencers.


Media Relations

Identifying tier 1 and 2 media contacts and journalists with a view to building long term relationships with them and securing coverage and insertions.

Digital PR

Nearly all PR is digital/online these days with the steady decline of print media.

Digital PR takes on another dimension of importance in the world of marketing because of the dividends it pays in referral traffic and backlinks for search engine optimisation.

On the other hand, with the power of data and tools from the marketing world, PR campaigns get a new lease of life with automated data-driven and personalised outreach campaigns that get the relevance, timing, and value right for the target media channels.

Our Expertise in PR

There is a three-way synergy between digital marketing, content creation and public relations. All three areas are core capabilities of Cactix. Despite being a modern digital marketing agency, we still value the importance of good old strategic PR and media relations and our team boasts decades of experience and exposure in those two areas. By combining the best of both worlds, we are able to deliver complete solutions for brands so that they can fortify their presence, increase awareness, enhance reputation and ultimately, drive more business.

Our Services

Some of the services we offer in public relations and communications include:

  • Strategy
  • Research & Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Key Messaging Development
  • PR & Communication Asset Development (boilerplates, biographies, FAQs, factsheets, media kits)
  • Spokespeople Support
  • Event PR
  • Digital PR Outreach Campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Listening and Monitoring
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Reputation Management


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