HubSpot & LinkedIn – A B2B Marketing Match Made in Heaven


The two giants have a lot of synergies that you can leverage today to enhance the efficiency and strategic execution of your B2B marketing and sales activities. Here’s an in-depth look at how the integration between HubSpot and LinkedIn Marketing tools can facilitate a more connected and effective marketing strategy, and a better alignment between sales and marketing:

Streamlined Management of LinkedIn Ads via HubSpot

Control your LinkedIn advertising campaigns directly from within HubSpot. This integration allows you to launch, manage, and measure the effectiveness of your ads from a single dashboard. It provides a unified view of campaign performance and enables real-time adjustments to ensure optimal use of your advertising budget​.

One of the key advantages of optimising your LinkedIn Ads campaigns from within HubSpot is the closed-loop reporting on the final outcomes of the leads coming in. You’ll know exactly which contacts got generated as a result of each campaign, and how those contacts converted into sales qualified leads, opportunities, and closed business.

Effortless Data Capture with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Automate the capture of lead information with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms integrated into HubSpot CRM. This ensures that the data from LinkedIn is directly and accurately imported into your CRM system, allowing for timely and relevant follow-up actions that enhance lead conversion rates​​. 

Enhanced Account Targeting with Real-Time ABM Syncing

HubSpot’s ABM capabilities integrate seamlessly with LinkedIn, enhancing your ability to target high-value accounts effectively with LinkedIn Ads. Instead of exporting your target accounts and uploading them manually to LinkedIn’s Match Audiences and then repeating the process every time the list changes, the integration allows you to create matched audiences based on the dynamic target account lists you’ve set up in HubSpot Marketing Hub.

Centralized LinkedIn Page Management from HubSpot

Manage your LinkedIn page directly from HubSpot’s Marketing Hub. Schedule posts, monitor engagement, and gather insights all from one platform. Attach your LinkedIn posts as assets in HubSpot’s campaign management feature to analyse their performance along with the other parts of your campaigns.

Managing LinkedIn page content in HubSpot along with other social channels enhances the consistency of your messaging. With HubSpot’s Content Remix feature, you can easily repurpose your content to multiple channels and different audiences with the power of AI.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration for Improved Sales Prospecting

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator integrated into the HubSpot Sales Hub, your sales team can access enhanced lead insights and recommendations and send InMail messages directly within their HubSpot CRM. This feature enables more informed engagement strategies and helps tailor interactions based on detailed lead profiles and updates. The sales team can also integrate LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator actions into their outreach activities through the plugin in HubSpot Sales Hub’s sequences feature.

Advanced Insights with LinkedIn Business Manager Integration

Integrating LinkedIn Business Manager with HubSpot CRM unlocks new layers of data insights. This powerful feature enhances your understanding of campaign performance and audience behaviour while embedding revenue attribution reporting, allowing for more informed strategic decisions and improved marketing ROI​​.

If you’re not using these two platforms together, you may be missing out on many capabilities that can enhance your marketing operations. If you need help with any of these platforms individually, or with connecting them, speak to one of our experts

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