Performance marketing for financial services


We helped our client triple their leads and conversions in less than 3 months while reducing unit costs.

Our client offers a next-generation cross-border payment experience that combines a powerful platform and the support of FX experts. With their solutions, executives and finance teams can get direct access to currency markets, receive, send and track payments and develop tailored hedging strategies. 


Our client was looking for an agency to manage paid media and generate qualified leads. Paid search ads were managed internally by the marketing team but the setup was rudimentary and focused mostly on brand searches. Their attempts at non-branded keywords were driving low quality non-B2B results. It was also too much work to handle internally, so they needed the help of professionals and new ideas.

The leads required in this project were submissions on the “Open Account Request” form, which is a mature stage in the funnel unlike most other types of lead generation projects. Prospects filling the form are required to provide their company registration details.

In addition, the conversions required in this project were subject to tough criteria and restrictions. There were sensitive industries and countries to avoid. There was also a minimum threshold of FX transfer volume per year required for a lead to qualify for conversion, and a lead is considered converted only when the KYC process is completed.

Our client was targeting eight different countries in Europe split into five different languages using five different Google Ads accounts.


We developed a comprehensive strategy for performance marketing which involved extensive research to identify gaps in the market and competitor activity. The strategy helped uncover solid opportunities to drive highly relevant leads.

We launched new campaigns in multiple languages and optimized existing campaigns. We deployed new landing pages and updated bidding strategies, extensions and ad audience inclusions and exclusions. We monitored and analyzed performance closely on a regular basis to improve results. We also set up multiple dashboards and analytic reports using HubSpot and Semrush to help us keep a close eye on the variances in metrics. We leveraged the HubSpot Marketing Hub’s Ad Management module to ensure that we optimize based on final outcomes and conversions as opposed to form submissions. This helped us focus on the exact campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords that are ultimately driving conversions.  


The campaign was highly successful as we managed to triple leads and conversions in less than 3 months while reducing unit costs. For our client, one of the key metrics they were tracking was the cost per conversion which we managed to reduce by over 60%. Our client was very satisfied with the results and decided to engage Cactix on a long-term basis.

175% increase in leads241% increase in conversions
52% reduction in cost per lead61% reduction in cost per conversion
157% increase in click-to-lead ratio24% increase in conversion rate
We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.