Project Information


Fintibi is a Hong Kong based software company specialised in financial software for businesses.


Experience Design, DevOps

Project Details

Fintibi’s main solution is a cloud-based software for financial analysis used by small to medium businesses for analyzing financial performance. Fintibi allows businesses to upload their financial statements for any selected periods, and perform all sorts of ratio analyses, visualizations, and what-if simulations.

Fintibi needed a revamp of its user interface which was initially designed by back-end developers using ready UI-kits and without taking into consideration the application’s users and use cases. Fintibi hired Cactix to redesign the user experience and interface and implement tools to track and analyze the users’ interactions with the software.

Cactix worked with financial experts and focused user groups to identify all the use cases and workflows in the solution and their frequency of usage. We documented the findings and the steps, and worked out the best logical groupings and shortcuts. From there our experienced UX/UI team worked on redesigning all the screens and provided the developers with all the necessary blueprints, codes, and assets required to implement the designs. We reviewed the designs following implementation to ensure there are no discrepancies.

Cactix was hired again at a later stage by Fintibi to improve its DevOps setup as it was facing some issues. We migrated the application’s product and staging servers to a customized setup on Google Cloud Platform featuring auto scaling and load balancing, and we migrated the app’s marketing / landing page to WP Engine. We implemented GitLab Enterprise edition for source code management hosted on a customized setup in Linode. We then implemented CloudFlare’s CDN and SSL to all the properties. With the new DevOps setup Fintibi had a fully reliable zero downtime operation with total control and peace of mind.