CentSimia (VCFS)


CentSimia (VCFS Holding IVS)

Project Information


CentSimia (VCFS Holding IVS) is a Danish venture capital fund focused on socially responsible investing based on scientific principles proven to outperform regular investments.


Content Development

Project Details

CentSimia is a Danish venture capital fund that uses scientific methods to invest in startups with a focus on social benefits. Some of the investments in CentSimia’s portfolio in Denmark include a robotics company, an online gaming platform, a kitchen supplies manufacturer, an electric vehicles venture, an AI consultancy, an events company, and a photography business.

Through its initial investments in Denmark, CentSimia was able to validate its scientific approach and its business model. The plan was to expand globally.

Establishing a solid and impactful online presence was critical for CentSimia’s mission, and content was the most important element of such presence. It was critical for CentSimia to communicate its message and its essence both internally and externally in the most effective way.

CentSimia hired Cactix to help in developing content for its website and its internal and external slide decks. Our team did some research, conducted a series of interviews with the founders, and managed to capture the brand’s essence and articulate the key concepts, positioning statements, and value propositions.