Most Engineers Hate Marketing

Many B2B engineering-driven businesses can struggle when it comes to marketing. By engineering we mean all types: civil, mechanical, software, biomedical, chemical, environmental, etc.

These businesses are often at the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to the core of their products and services but are less suited to spreading their message externally. They are by nature factual, scientific and focused on detail and can be turned off by the thought of self-promotion or ‘fluff’. That is one reason why there can be some skepticism about the role of marketing and marketers in their business.

Whilst the most detailed technical documents come naturally, a one-page business summary or brochure about their solution that conveys the message to a wider audience is more of a challenge. They don’t expect websites to generate much meaningful business so focus more on trade shows and networking.

We Can Change That

These are challenges we see a lot and have been able to navigate successfully. At Cactix we gravitate towards engineers and engineering businesses. We believe engineering is the real value creation process, and as such it demands and deserves the best marketing.

However, not all marketing techniques are going to work. The cookie-cutter approach offered by most agencies doesn’t work for everyone. Successful marketing requires a deep understanding of the business and its target market and an appreciation of the role of quality content. ‘likes’ on social media are great, but a well-written article targeted at your core market is more likely to convert into meaningful business.