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UAE Ministry of Education

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The UAE Ministry of Education is in charge of developing and maintaining an innovative education system that aims to build a knowledgeable, pioneering, and global society.

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Al Marashi is an award winning Communication and Strategic Business Consultancy.

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With over 28,000 employees and teachers, and 910,000 students, the UAE Ministry of Education’s work has immediate influence and implication on almost every household in the UAE. Therefore, it is closely watched by the main media and the public.

We were hired by local management consultancy Al Marashi (previously INFIN8VENTURES) to deliver a complete social media content and management project which spanned two years and was concluded by the formation of a social media department which we hired and trained in order to take control of the mission going forward. We managed to take the Ministry’s social media presence from 0.5% engagement to #1 position in engagement and combined number of followers among all federal ministries and government bodies.

As a result of our work, the Ministry won two Government Excellence Awards, in 2012 for Best Interactive Government Facebook Page in the Middle East, and in 2013 for Best Creative Engagement on a Government Facebook Page in the Middle East.