One Good Thing


One Good Thing

Project Information


One Good Thing is an online shop that provides a simple way to make a real impact in the world by buying well-designed products with a story.




Project Details

Founded by entrepreneurs Michael Cooke and Bridgett Lau, One Good Thing is an online marketplace for sustainable and ethical products from brands with stories to tell. On the shop you can find products like bags made out of a recycled plastic bouncy castle, Jenga toys made out of fishnets recovered from the ocean, cuffs made by survivors of human trafficking, jewellery made out of bombs dropped on Laos, and camp stoves that support clean energy in India and Africa. For each product you are informed of the positive impact you are making on earth, environment, and people.

We built One Good Thing’s online shop on WooCommerce with advanced shipping configuration as they worked with various vendors, multi-currency support, advanced Ecommerce tracking with Google Analytics, advanced integration with Facebook for social media shopping and retargeting abandoned carts, email marketing integration with MailChimp, and an interactive map of the impact made all over the world.